Inspection Procedures

All construction requires inspections before it is covered up.

When possible all inspections, excluding electrical, will be performed by either the Town of Mills Inspector or a Town of Mills designated official on the same day of the request.


An inspection is required for rebar, footing and foundations, under-floor or concrete slab, rough frame, insulation, gypsum board or drywall. A final inspection must be performed prior to receiving a certificate of occupancy.


An inspection is required for temporary power poles, rough electrical, services, and final inspection.

Electrical Inspections for the Town of Mills are conducted by the Natrona County Building Department. Please Visit their website for more information and to obtain a permit:

After the inspection is completed it is the responsibility of the General Contractor or homeowner to ensure that the Town of Mills Building Inspector is notified prior to construction continuing. The County tag must remain on premises for inspection.


An inspection is required for rough-in and final inspection.


An inspection is required for outside water and sewer, below slab or floor rough-in, top-out and rough-in, gas testing and final inspection.


No final inspection or certificate of occupancy will be issued if all required inspections were not completed satisfactorily and to the current adopted town codes.