For Immediate Release


Regarding: School Closing Suit

On January 17, 2017 the Town of Mills brought suit in the Seventh Judicial District, Natrona County Wyoming, in order to have Court determine the legality of the serial closing and abandonment of the Mills Elementary School and the Mountain View Elementary School.

For a complete copy of this press release please click HERE.

Mayor's Open Letter to Mills Residents


Seth Coleman, the Mayor of the Town of Mills, as well as the Town Council would like to invite all residents to read the following letter regarding the planned closure of the Mountain View Elemenatry School.
We ask that the community read this letter and contact the appropriate persons to voice your concerns regarding this planned closure.

The letter can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

Thank you.


Closure Leaves Town and 4,000 Residents Without Elementary School


The Town of Mills strongly opposes the closure of the Mountain View Elementary School. The Closing of this school will leave the town with no neighboorhood schools.

To read the Town's statement regarding the closing click HERE.
To read a Letter from Megan Fleetwood click HERE.

October 6th - Special Council Meeting: Mountain View School


Seth Coleman the Mayor of the Town of Mills, WY is calling a special meeting in accordance with WS 16-4-402 (b), about the closing of the Mountain View School at 2:30 PM, Friday October 6th, 2017, at the Town of Mills Town Hall Council Chambers.

We ecnourage any residents of the Town of Mills or any person effected by this closure of this school to attend the meeting. Sincerely, Seth Coleman, Mayor of the Town of Mills

August 30th - Transportation Plans

NOTICE OF PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD Evansville & Mills Transportation Plans

The Towns of Evansville and Mills will have a 30 day public comment period from August 30, 2017 to September 30, 2017 on their individual Transportation Plans which have been designed by the consultant, Michael Baker, following a year long process of input from the citizens of Evansville and Mills.
These plans were funded by a federal grant awarded to the Casper Area MPO. Following the public comment period, the Town Councils will consider the public comments and adopt the plans. The plans can be found on Casper MPO’s website at (Tabs: Residents/Metropolitan Planning Organization/Current Projects/Evansville or Mills Transportation Plan), Envisioning Evansville’s Facebook page and Making Mills Facebook page.
As well as at on the Mills Website at under the public notices section.
Printed copies of the plan can be viewed at:

Town of Evansville
235 Curtis Street
Evansville, WY 82636

Town of Mills
704 Fourth Street
Mills, WY 82604

Comments may be made to each of the Town Halls, or to the Casper MPO, at:
CasperArea MPO
City of Casper
200 N.David, Room 203
Casper, WY 82601

For further information, contact Pam Jones, MPO Administrative SupportTechnician, at 307-235-8255 or email at

You may download the plan for Mills by clicking here.

August 17th - Natrona County Hazard Mitigation Plan Update



August 17, 2017 – Would you like to learn more about what Natrona County is doing to minimize the impacts of floods, dam failures, wildfires, hazardous materials incidents, and other hazards? A draft of the County’s updated Hazard Mitigation Plan is being made available for public review and comment. The plan assesses risks posed by natural and man-made hazards, identifies ways to reduce those risks, and allows the County to be eligible for mitigation funding from FEMA. A Hazard Mitigation Planning Committee (HMPC) that includes representatives from various county departments and the municipalities of Casper, Bar Nunn, Edgerton, Evansville, Midwest, and Mills updated the plan over the past eight months with assistance from a consultant. The plan identifies hazard mitigation goals and a variety of mitigation projects with the intent of reducing losses from hazard events before they occur again. The planning committee is now soliciting public comment on the plan before it is finalized and submitted for FEMA review and approval.

The comment period will be August 17 – September 7, 2017.

The plan can be accessed at the following website:
Natrona County Hazardous Materials Plan

Hardcopies will also be available for review upon request through Natrona County Emergency Management.
For more information, contact Natrona County Emergency Management.

Click Here to complete a short survey about the plan.

Eclipse August 21st 2017

Solar Eclipse—August 21, 20017

The Town of Mills has solar eclipse glasses for sale for $2.00 each. They are available at Town Hall and the Police Department.

Check out NASA's website for information on how to safely view the eclipse and other important information!: NASA Eclipse Website

—June 2017—