Please use caution when driving near a snowplow. These trucks are very heavy and do not respond like an automobile. The large size of the equipment and the poor visibility associated with this type of activity make this a very hazardous situation.

Priority Streets

These streets include all major highways and arterial streets. De-icier will be applied to travel lanes. These streets are considered to be the network which must be kept open to provide a transportation system connecting critical facilities such as fire stations, police stations, schools, and critical town facilities.

Secondary Streets

These streets include minor arterial and collector streets. These streets will be serviced after Priority Streets are complete. Deicer will be applied only on hills, curves, signalized intersections and other hazardous locations. Streets around the schools are included in this category.

Local or Residential Streets

These streets are primarily located in residential areas. Plowing will be done on these streets where drifting or snow depth accumulations completely block traffic movement. This service will typically be performed after service on primary and secondary routes are completed. Local service consists of providing minimum service necessary to allow traffic to move safely at a restricted rate. Deicer may be applied at hazardous locations, hills or curves on a case-by-case bases. Local routes that are passable are not routinely plowed, due to limited resources and narrow streets. Conditions are considered impassable when the streets cannot be traversed by a reasonably prepared vehicle equipped for winter weather environments.


Alleys will be serviced for trash truck access only. A front-end-loader or small plow will make one pass through an impassable alley to allow access for trash pickup. Any snow accumulations outside the path will be the responsibility of the adjacent property owner. Except for emergency situations, impassable alleys will be cleared last.

Snow Removal Routes

Map of Town of Mills, Wyoming Snow Routes